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Teddy Sanches - FRENCH, b. 1991 - is an industrial designer who works in Paris. He was born in Bondy of Cape Verdean parents and lived part of his childhood in Clichy-sous-Bois.

After studying Optician and Arts, he graduated in 2019 from the ENSCI Les Ateliers with the congratulations of the jury in Industrial Creation. With his diploma project, he won the Audi Talents 2019 and Villa Kujoyama 2020.

He practices hip-hop dance and perceives everyday life as an enchanted tale. He sees it as an inexhaustible source of curiosities, he senses and collects treasures in the street considered worthless at first sight what happens around construction sites.

In an empirical and uncomplexed approach, he makes these preciosities travel by mixing them with other distant universes in order to imagine the world of tomorrow.

From his work, new objects spring up, forms that are not necessarily recognizable and unpublished.

Teddy calls himself a “polymorphic designer” because he is able to express himself in multiple mediums.